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A PM motor's power generation depends on the configuration of the motor magnets and the resulting motor saliency. Motors with a high saliency ratio (Lq > Ld) can increase motor efficiency and torque production by incorporating the motor's reluctance torque. An inverter can be used to change the angle of excitation with respect to the d axis. The motor can be classified based on power supply and based on commutation - brush or brushless, as shown below Though I am not going deep into the motor design of any of the above motors - There are two important topics that I would like to deal with - Saliency and Interaction of Rotor Flux with Stator Flux. Saliency

The interior permanent magnet motor design of Figure 3 also has variable reluctance coupling (saliency) between the stator and the rotor, due to the gaps and structure within the rotor, and has similar ability to do flux weakening, although it may be a bit more difficult to visualize in this structure as compared to the transverse flux design. Saliency Ratio. The term "salient" refers to visible, or exposed, or sticking out. So a "salient pole motor" is one which exposes the N and S poles to the rotor. "Saliency ratio" applies equally well to both permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) and switched reluctance motors (SRMs). And it applies to poles from a permanent magnet, or.

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Saliency: the variation of the inductance at the motor terminal according to the rotor position. Also referred to as inductance saliency or magnetic saliency. Permeability: A measure of how easily a magnetic field flows through a material.

Instead of using air gaps, Sansone thought he could incorporate another magnetic field into a motor. This would increase this saliency ratio and, in turn, produce more torque. His design has other.

PM motor magnetic saliency As shown in Figure 2, the effective air gap in the magnetic flux path of Ld and Lq are the same in SPM motors. The permanent magnets used in motors have very low permeability and can be regarded as air in inductance calcula-tions. As a result, Ld is the same as Lq, there-

This motor torque is also called Saliency torque due to the saliency of the machine. This motor mainly depends on the reluctance torque to operate. So this torque can be calculated by using the following formula. From the above equation, 'V' is applied voltage, 'f' is line frequency, 𝛿rel angle of torque and 'K' is motor constant

Windage loss as well as noise is less as compared to salient pole rotors. Their construction is robust as compared to salient pole rotors. Number of poles is usually 2 or 4. Damper windings are not needed in non-salient pole rotors. Flux distribution is sinusoidal and hence gives better emf waveform. Non-salient pole rotors are used in nuclear.

0. I'm not sure but for my understanding, BLDC motor has trapezoidal b-EMF. If your motor has sinusoidal b-EMF waveform then it's probably a PMSM with distributed stator windings. Then the saliency is up to measurment. For your question, I think one possibility is that your motor actually has an IPM rotor.

The presence of such ribs, however, reduces the motor saliency ratio, with an increase in L q. Consequently, the output torque of the motor is degraded. An enormous effort has been made during past decade to increase the torque density of the SynRm by inclusion of permanent magnets in the barriers [15-17].

A reluctance motor is a type of electric motor that induces non-permanent magnetic poles on the ferromagnetic rotor. The rotor does not have any windings. It generates torque through magnetic reluctance.. Reluctance motor subtypes include synchronous, variable, switched and variable stepping. Reluctance motors can deliver high power density at low cost, making them attractive for many.

Salience (also called saliency) is that property by which some thing stands out.Salient events are an attentional mechanism by which organisms learn and survive; those organisms can focus their limited perceptual and cognitive resources on the pertinent (that is, salient) subset of the sensory data available to them.. Saliency typically arises from contrasts between items and their neighborhood.

As the rotor rotates, the difference in magnetism, or saliency ratio, between the steel and air-filled gaps helps produce torque. Sansone's novel synchronous reluctance motor takes a different.

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D-axis ("direct") refers to the component of the stator magnetic field that is in phase with the rotor magnetic field. Q-axis ("quadrature") refers to the component of the stator magnetic field that is 90° out of phase with the rotor magnetic field. Essentially what's going on is as the rotor rotates, the inductance changes.

Sensorless-FOC With Flux-Weakening and MTPA for IPMSM Motor Drives Figure 1. Block Diagram of FOC Algorithm With FAST™ Observer 2.2 Maximum Torque Per Ampere (MTPA) IPMSM has a permanent-magnet inside the rotor that generates magnetic saliency. This saliency

1 Introduction. In sensorless control and flux-weakening control application, the saliency ratio of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) is an important factor [1, 2].In recent years, fractional slot concentrated windings interior PMSMs (FSCWs IPMSMs) gain popularity in servo systems applications because of their low Joule losses, high efficiency, high torque density and low machine cost.

Posts: 2. IPM/Salient Motor Tuning. I recently picked up a pair of small automotive motors, which are IPM motors with large saliency as expected. Phase to phase inductance measured with an LCR meter is as high as 2400uH and as low as 1100uH depending on rotor position. Before IPM support officially comes out in the next tool/firmware release.

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This paper presents the effect of saliency and core losses on the dynamic behavior of permanent magnet synchronous motor. This objective was realized with the aid of Matlab/Simulink.

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(3) In some machines, saliency is the inevitable result of the field structure. The "field structure" here refers to the member that carries the source of excitation, whether that be a DC winding or a permanent magnet. This is obviously the case in 2, which is the topology of the wound-field DC motor and the AC universal motor.

I assume this motor is a small hobby type motor used for a propulsion? 1. it is unlikely this motor has much saliency at all. 2. the saliency can not be identified, it would have to be designed and modeled through simulation. again, these motors don't have much saliency so it really isn't buying you much anyways if you did know the saliency

9.3.5 Salient permanent magnet motor ('PM/Rel' motor) In Section 9.3.4 we saw that for an excited rotor motor with rotor saliency, the reluctance torque acting alone caused the unloaded rotor to come to rest with the rotor direct axis aligned with stator m.m.f., i.e. at the same position as it would if the excitation torque acted alone.

In addition, these motors exhibit very limited magnetic saliency (Ld ≈ Lq). Inductance values measured at the rotor terminals are consistent regardless of the rotor position. Because of the near unity saliency ratio, SPM motor designs rely significantly, if not completely, on the magnetic torque component to produce torque.

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